Whether you are planning a wedding buffet or office party, our selection of delicious canapes guarantee to make your guests go ‘wow’. Whatever your preference, our canapes come in a variety of tastes and are carefully prepared by hand, one by one. We also have a selection of sandwich platters that will greatly complement canapes and make your event.

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Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Crackers

18 pieces incl 200g of Smoked Salmon  

A delicious cream cheese twirl sitting on a freshly home baked cheese cracker, topped with a slice of smoked salmon and garnished with parsley.

A must for every party. These delicious smoked salmon canapes will amaze your guests.

(Contains Gluten, Milk, Fish)



Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese, Olives and Chive Crackers

18 pieces

Buttery cream cheese twirl over cracker topped with sundried tomatos, olives and a stem of  chive.

Ideal as an vegetarian canape option .

(contains Gluten , Milk)


Goat cheese

Vol-Au-Vent Goat Cheese and Cranberry Sauce

24 pieces    

Freshly baked Vol-Au-Vents Canape topped up with delicious goat cheese and cranbery sauce slightly grilled for crispiness.

Amazing vegerarian Canapes option for your guests.

(Contains Gluten, Milk)


Chicken Tikka Canape

Vol-Au-Vent Chicken Tikka, Mozzarella and Mango Chutney

 24 pieces

A homemade puff pastry Vol-Au-Vent Canapes  filled with a pieces of chicken  tikka dippped in mango chutney, topped with mozzarellla and briefly grilled for crispiness.

Refreshingly tasty Canape that will start any party off.

(Contains Gluten, Milk)


canape buffet

Vol-Au-Vent Mozzarella, Basil and Sundried Tomato  

  24 pieces

Freshly homemade Vol-Au-Vent Canape filled with mouthwaering sundried tomato topped up with delicious mozzarella and briefly grilled for crispiness.

Amazingly tasty vegetarian option Canapes.

(Contains Gluten, Milk)


Vol-Au-Vent Prawn Cocktail  

  24 pieces

Beautiful homemade Vol-Au-Vent Canapes filled with astonishing freshly made prawn cocktail.

Delicious Canape for every party or event.

(Contains Gluten, Milk, Fish)



Mixed vegetarian and meat quiches  

  30 pieces  

Freshly baked mini shortcrust pastry cases with fillings. Canapes are  vegetarian and meat with plenty of delicious flavores.

Canape from heaven to have for your guests.

(Contains Gluten, Milk)


chicken skewers

Chicken Fillet Satay  

  30 pieces  

Freshly baked pieces of marinated cooked chicken breast filllet with added soya protein on a wooden stick.

A must for every party. This canape what a delicacy.

(Contains Gluten, Wheat, Soya)


Fingering Food


Sweet Pepper, Goat Cheese Bite    

 30 pieces    

Homemade Canape  made with freshly baked baguette, covered with cream cheese topped up with goat cheese in sweet pepper and garnish of parsley.

Vegetarian Canape, highly pleasing, especially to the sense of taste.

(Contains  Gluten, Wheat, Milk)


Pate fingering food

Chicken Liver Pate with Sweet Pepper and Goat Cheese Bites  

    30 pieces    

Homemade Canapes from freshly baked baguette topped with chicken liver pate, and goat cheese in sweet pepper.

Delightful Canape, with extraordinary flavor.

(Contains Gluten, Wheat, Milk)