Pate & Terrines

Pate and Terrins


Gala pie                                                                      £37,00/  2,6kg

Chargrilled Vegetable terrine                                      £38,00/ 1kg

Chicken Liver & wild Mushroom terrine                   £20,00/ 0,5kg

Little & Dull Chicken , Apricot & Pancetta terrine   £22,00 / 0,5kg

Pork Chicken Liver & Cranbery parfait                     £38,00/ 1kg

Duck and Champagne terrine                                      £38,00/1kg

Duck and Fig terrine                                                   £39,00/ 1kg

Duck and Green Peppercorn terrine                           £29,00/ 0,5kg

Duck and Orange pate                                                £29,00/ 1kg

Little & Dull Chicken & Duck with Red Onion Marmalade Terrine     £22,00/ 0,5kg

Poach Salmon and Monkfish Terrine                          £51,00/ 1kg

Poach Salmon Terrine                                                 £33,00/ 1kg

Game Terrine                                                              £39,00/ 1kg

Wild Boar Terrine                                                        £34,00/ 1kg

Ham Hock Terrine                                                       £29,00/ 1kg

Layered Pork & Chicken Liver Pate with Cranberry Topping       £30,00/1kg

                                                                                   Pate and Terrins


I don’t know about you, but I believe that meat platters and cheese boards are much more than throwing a few cheeses and meat cuts on a board and serving it with crackers and bread. While that is surely doable, I look at it as a form of art and an opportunity to feed the eyes of your guests.

Not forgetting, choosing the right combination of meats, cheese, crackers, and olives takes a little bit of planning and creativity, but hopefully, with my taste, it will be an easy one.

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