Meat Platters

Meat Platter




Small Meat Patter served with fresh baked Baguettes, and Butter and mixed Olives (10 -15 people)     

  • 500 gr of Farmhouse Ham
  • 300 gr of Chicken slices
  • 200 gr of Chorizo
  • 200 gr of Salami




Medium Meat Platter served with fresh baked Baguettes and Butter and mixed Olives (30-40 people)

  • 1500 gr of Farmhouse Ham
  • 200 gr of Parma Ham
  • 500 gr of Chicken slices
  • 300 gr of Chorizo
  • 200 gr of Salami    
  • 300 gr of Beef slices 
  • 200 gr of Pastrami






Meat platter with homemade potato salad (serve 10-15 people)

Homemade potato salad with cooked carrots, peas, boiled eggs, gherkins, mayonnaise and seasoned with salt and pepper, is garnished with 500 gram of farmhouse ham, 500 gram  of chicken slices, 200 gram of choriso or salami,  200 gram of beef slices and 100 gr of pastrami. This delicious platter is perfect for gluten free lovers. This meat platter is very popular in big parties, with serve it with knife and fork.


Contains (milk, eggs, )

£125.00 per tray


Meat PlatterMeat Platter