5 Tips for Choosing a Showstopper Wedding Catering

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5 Tips for Choosing a Showstopper Wedding Catering

5 Tips for Choosing a Showstopper Wedding Catering Buffet


If you are planning for a memorable wedding ceremony, arranging for a showstopper caterer should be your top priority. In West Sussex, delicious food has always been an integral part of a wedding and still is. Here are some amazing suggestions on choosing the wedding catering / wedding buffet.


Set the budget

This is the first thing you should do before you begin to choose the menu. Setting your budget saves you from disappointment when the prices of your favourite menu are higher than your budget.

Choose the menu you both like

Pick a reputed wedding caterer in West Sussex and see their menu. Ask them if they can make some adjustments in their menu. Choose a wedding lunch / dinner catering menu that you both agree with.

Table arrangement

Table settings are easily ignored during wedding catering. Since the wedding caterers in West Sussex will have a better experience of weddings, you can discuss with them how the food and drinks tables at your wedding buffet should be placed for smooth execution.

Choose buffet and platter

Platter style is traditional and elegant and gives rich choice in dishes to your guests. Wedding buffet is modern, give your guests the freedom to pick their own favourite dishes and can be also cheaper than the traditional platter.

Go through the execution plan

Though it is the caterer’s responsibility to take care of serving the food, it’s imperative to hear from them how they intend to keep things running smoothly at the wedding dinner time or any other event, and how they will handle any emergency situations like spilling.

And most importantly, maintain a diary to note down everything important. If you are looking for a wedding catering buffet in West Sussex, visit https://lovebeanbuffet.com/.

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