Mastering a Nice Balance of an Evening Wedding Buffet Food

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Mastering a Nice Balance of an Evening Wedding Buffet Food

Mastering a Nice Balance of an Evening Wedding Buffet Food

Putting on a wedding buffet can seem like a hard long task, especially if you also have the challenge of organising appetizers and canapes for earlier on the same day. You can easily get confused about the timings of a wedding buffet in the evening and how much food is needed and put on for your guests. Getting the balance right is very important and giving your guests enough to keep them satisfied, without offering too much food or too little…

When Do You Need an Evening Buffet?

The question of when to serve an evening wedding buffet isn’t always easy to answer. If you’re not having a buffet for your main wedding meal, you might not be sure about buffet food to be served later in the evening or later in the day. It is possible that everyone can get hungry again early evening or later. Your evening event buffet will depend on a few factors, such as when your main meal will be served, and whether you’re inviting any evening guests. Evening guests are likely to expect something to eat, and you wouldn’t want to keep your guests hungry.

How Much Food Does Evening Buffet Need?

Making sure that you have enough servings to keep all guests satisfied, especially if they go back for seconds, is key to pulling off a great wedding or any party and event. Keep in mind that our estimates are very close to accurate, but a good rule of having more than less is going to guarantee everyone will be happy and satisfied.

Knowing how much food your wedding buffet needs is a challenge. Hopefully, you work with the right buffet catering company, they will help you get the numbers right and that’s what we’ll try to talk about now. Avoiding food waste is important, but you also don’t want to have grumpy guests who get hungry easily. If you ask wedding planners and caterers, many will say that you should cater according to these calculations:


Platters / Appertiser / BBQ

On average, each guest will have about 6 appetizers/sides/entries, although this number may double if you have a buffet for your main meal and an evening wedding buffet. You want enough to keep your guests happy, but not so many that their appetites will be ruined. Great Tip: Stock up on fingering food like nuts, pretzels, and olives.


We know that no matter how filling the buffet meal was, there’s always room for dessert. On average, each guest will have 1 dessert/tart/cake and 1 portion of fruit.


So it’s hard to know which would be worse: running out of food or running out of drinks. Several factors are making sure that everyone stays, ‘hydrated’, including the type of wedding/event, where the guests are busy with other things like games, or just relaxing with friends and family. These general guidelines are for parties that are 4 hours long.

  • Wine: 1 bottle of wine for every two adults. It’s best for white wine to outnumber the red wine.
  • Beer: 2 servings per guest.
  • Champagne: 1 – 2 glasses per person.
  • Spirits: 3 drinks per person. You get about 17 drinks per bottle.
  • Nonalcoholic drinks: 3 drinks per guest.


Coming up with evening wedding buffet ideas could be easy if you work with a good caterer who is full of creativity. Also, the secret is: Planning how much food to serve at your wedding in the evening doesn’t have to be daunting! In fact, you’ll be able to make sure all plates and glasses are full while having time to enjoy the festivities yourself.

A successful evening wedding buffet has food for everyone. So when you’re planning what to serve to your guests, don’t forget to consider any dietary requirements.


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Your evening wedding buffet could make or break your guests’ joy. Get it right and it will be a wedding to remember.


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