Wedding Buffet That Makes Your Wedding More Fun

Cheesecake wedding buffet

Wedding Buffet That Makes Your Wedding More Fun

Wedding Buffet That Makes Your Wedding More Fun

Food is undoubtedly an important part of the wedding and is the next big decision you need to make after choosing the venue. Here’s a handy guide to wedding buffet in West Sussex that makes your wedding interesting.


Classic buffet

Serve food to your guests on a long table with servers behind the table. Add additional tables with the same dishes if you think things might get a little slow with just one. Serve the appetizers, soups and salads at the beginning of the table followed by the entrée and the dessert.

Classic buffets are cost-effective because they reduce wedding catering cost by requiring fewer food servers. They also give guests the choice to eat the food they like and skip the one they don’t.

Modern buffet

A modern buffet is the favourite wedding buffet in West Sussex. Give guests the option to customize their dish and have meals prepared on order. They include one-bite desserts and a larger variety of dishes. You can even include a kid’s buffet if there are going to be many kids at the wedding.

The wide variety of dishes is appreciated by guests and gives them a lot of choices. On the other hand, this will cost you more than a classic buffet.

Food stations

Food stations are the latest trend at weddings. Here there are several different food stations serving a course. You can include salad stations, dessert stations, fruit stations, etc.

Rustic and organic food stations will cost you more but you can save up by requiring lesser servers than buffets. Usually, food stations do not need servers.

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