How a Wedding Buffet Can Make Your Wedding Even More Memorable

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How a Wedding Buffet Can Make Your Wedding Even More Memorable


How a Wedding Buffet Can Make Your Wedding Even More Memorable


When planning your wedding day, you want to make this day memorable and you wish to have a perfect day. Food does always make people happy and our wedding buffet can just do that. What to serve your guests is one of the most important decisions for the wedding event. Here are some reasons you should choose a wedding buffet for your wedding.


More Selections

A wedding buffet allows you to select a wide range of dishes on the menu. If a guest doesn’t like a particular dish, they have many other options to choose from.

More Creative 

You can get creative with wedding buffet by creating bars and serving a variety of dishes as the main course, appetisers, and desserts. 

Less Expensive and Faster 

Because wedding buffets require lesser wedding caterer staff, they are much less expensive than sit-down dinners. With your guests serving themselves with what they need, buffets are definitely faster and more efficient.

Easier to Plan 

Plated-dinners are difficult to plan. You’ll need to think through every course carefully. It is also possible that some of your guests might not enjoy every dish.  With wedding buffets, on the other hand, the assorted meals you can put in the menu make the planning easier.

Guests are Free to Move Around 

Buffet catering is ideal for weddings today. Unlike traditional platted weddings, your guests won’t be bound to their seat. They’ll have the freedom to choose what they want to eat or skip. This also gives them the chance to mingle with other guests.

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  • Megan
    Posted at 22:25h, 03 March Reply

    Do you do wedding buffet in West Sussex only?

  • admin
    Posted at 09:39h, 04 March Reply

    Yes, mainly in West Sussex. If it’s a large wedding buffet of over 100 people, we are happy to deliver anywhere. Thank you.

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